I’ll use this page to display some of the short films I’ve made. Much more efficient than having to trawl through old blog posts!

All of the films are shot and edited by myself. I’ll add new videos to the top of the pile as and when they come. My Youtube channel has some more videos but I’ll try to keep the best for here…

South Georgia Winter 2014. I would have liked a longer winter season to get some more footage, especially ski related stuff but I’m still really happy with the way it came out… I’ll need to start collecting footage for Summer 14/15 soon in order to complete my South Georgia trilogy! (November 2014)


Antarctic 48hr film festival 2014. This is King Edward Point, South Georgia’s entry to the competition. All shot, filmed and edited in 48hrs. I explain a little more about our film and the competition in a blog post – you’ll be able to work out which post from the title of it. (August 2014)


South Georgia Summer 2013/14. I knew I was going to make this film after the Greenland one turned out to be quite popular. I had a few of the shots in mind as I was making it, but most of it was spontaneous when something nice came up. (August 2014)


The Mid-Winter Swim is a tradition at KEP. All base members must take part. Time spent in the water, and the amount of clothing worn is optional. We were trying to get the ‘mid-winter photo’ so I put the GoPro under my camera to get some footage. I put it together fairly quickly so out-going base personal could have a copy before they left. (August 2014)


I started having a go at Time-Lapse photography in May 2013. I’d taken so many (mainly to see what worked and what didn’t) and I’d travelled to some of the biggest extremes the planet has to offer, so I thought it might be interesting! (August 2014)


This was my First Film, Greenland in HD – my first attempt at filming and editing. Looking back, I’m fairly chuffed with it. I knew I was going to make a short film before setting off for Greenland, and I had a few of the shots in mind. But most of them were taking advantage of something interesting or beautiful. (September 2013)

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