South Georgia – Wildlife

Giant Petrels feeding Giant Petrel feeding on Elephant seal afterbirthElephant seal King Penguins in the surf at St Andrews BayA sleeping Fur Seal pup, Grytviken.Sleeping Fur Seal pup showing some teeth, Grytviken. Adult male Fur Seal just below the surface on a calm day, King Edward Cove.Blue Eyed Shags on the wharf, King Edward Point. Antarctic Tern holding its position looking for food, King Edward Cove.Antarctic Tern stretching its wings, King Edward Cove.Antarctic Tern coming in to land with some food, King Edward Cove.The river from the Buxton Glacier winds it's way through the King Penguin colony at St Andrews Bay.-2.jpgCurious Fur Seal pup edges closer, 'puppy lake', Maiviken.Fur Seal pups galore at 'puppy lake', Maiviken. Elephant Seal pups invading the slipway. King Edward Cove.A male Leopard Seal having a stretch, Grytviken.Male Leopard Seal has a stretch and a yawn, Grytviken.Male Fur seal showing his weapons, King Edward Point. Sooty Albatross calls out, Horse Head, Penguin River. Sooty Albatross, Horse Head, Penguin River. Fur Seal pup going for an explore under the watchful eye of it's protective mother, Grytviken.South Georgia Pintail, King Edward Cove.Chinstrap Penguin looking lost amongst a King Penguin colony, King Edward Point.