South Georgia – Landscape

Harpon Hut, Cumberland West BayA windy day on top of Mt FusillerThe Bark Europa in King Edward CoveSunset from the Barff Peninsula Grytviken Whaling (disused) station and King Edward Point Research Station.Looking north west, into Cumberland Bay East, from the summit of Ellerbeck.The front of the Nordenskjold Glacier.The James Clark Ross alongside at King Edward Point.End of Moraine Fjord and its two glaciers (Hamberg and Harker) from an unnamed summit on the green peninsula.Vavilof Akademik at anchor in King Edward Cove. Weather closing in on the Greene Peninsula.The Allerdyce Mountains.Early morning view from the summit of Mt Hodges.Brash ice spread across Cumberland Bay East.Clouds building over the Allerdyce Mountains at dusk.Brash ice in Cumberland Bay West.Sunrise over the Barff Peninsula and Cumberland Bay East.Cairn at Echo Pass.Moon rising over the Barff Peninsula as the sun sets.A frosty jet boat in flat calm seas with Mt Paget behind.