Trying to fit them all in! St Andrews Bay, South Georgia.

Trying to fit them all in. St Andrews Bay, South Georgia.

I’ve been working in the outdoors for over ten years and while working and teaching in that environment has been my main pursuit, photography has been a steadily growing passion during that time. Most of the time I teach/engage in sea kayaking, climbing, mountaineering and powerboating when I’m out and about. One of the great things about the outdoor industry is the opportunity to travel and visit some incredible places, I feel I’ve been particularly fortunate in this regard.

I’m currently on the Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia. I’ve spent time on the Antarctic Peninsula as well as Greenland. Work seems to be drawing me to the polar reagions recently and as a result it is where I’m enjoying photography the most. I will add some galleries from other parts of the globe to add some colour!

A lot of my time with the camera is spent doing time-lapse photography – at silly hours of the day most of the time. They often find their way into a short video I’ve been working on – I’ll try to add any new ones to the Blog section when they are ready, you can find older ones in the video page.

I started (some years ago) with a point-and-shoot Canon ixus then moved to a Canon powershot and now, that I’m taking it a little more seriously, use a Canon 5Ds and 6D, manfrotto carbon tripod and Canon L 24-70 F 2.8, L 100-400 F 4.5-5.6 II and L 14 F2.8 lenses.

How much do I edit my photos? I make adjustments in lightroom to contrast, exposure, shadows, clarity etc and crop most photos. I use Canon softwear to stitch some photos when my wide angle lens doesn’t get it all in.  I don’t use photoshop to change the content of the photo.

When back in ‘the real world’ I regularly talk about my experiences through powerpoint presentation, using my photography to illustrate. I have spoken to my Nephews scout group, the Hong Kong Royal Geographical Society and various groups in-between. If you think you have a group that would be interested please use the contact/subscribe page to contact me through email.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the photos or stock photos please use the contact/subscribe page to email me. In time I may set up a ‘buy on-line’ option. Currently I’m unable to print or post regularly….as I’m in the Sub-Antarctic!

BLOG – I aim to update this every four to six weeks or so, depending on what I’ve been up to. If your interested in following you can subscribe to the Blog and you’ll receive an e-mail whenever there is a new post.


DISCLAIMER: I’m a lifelong dyslexic, expect spelling mistakes from time to time.